Memories are forever.

Rimsha Naveed
3 min readOct 16, 2020


In the past when I joined AMAL ACADEMY as a career Prep-Fellowship, it was their first time to keep this fellowship online because of Covid-19 situation. I was happy and nervous at the same time because I was selected from about 6500+ applicants and nervous because of the totally new environment without my friends. But this journey completely changed me and now I am happy to see myself groomed as well as confident than before. I had opened up my mind to learn new things every day, made new friends and had a clear vision about my goals or the main purpose of life.

First Learning Group ( I(rimsha), Asjid, Farrukh, Maham and Sheraz )left-to-right

Time flies in seconds,

Things changes in minutes,

People grow in hours ,

Feelings fade in time


Memories Last Forever.

This journey of fellowship family is about to end, how fast the time flies… The first week and now the Last Week of fellowship. This blog is about all the memories that remind me of my First 2 week journey in AMAL ACADEMY. In our First week, we were divided into Learning Groups for two weeks, to get to know each other, to help each other and to learn from each other. My first Learning group was so helpful and always supported me throughout the fellowship. We did different learning group activities, discussion on different topics that helped me to polish my teamwork skills, to become more open to talk about any idea, even if it was not related to the Project work.

AMAL Family

In our first week, we had to present the AMAL Values by using some crafting, or digital illustration or by anything else which you thought you were good in. I started working on Slanty Boxes to make frames from them. After that I wrote the Value and drew some related pictures. This activity helped me to focus more on my piece of art that was hidden before this activity and obviously to the importance of these principles to become a lifelong learner.

Amal Values

In our second week, we had an amazing activity, that was to thank everyone who helped you (whether the help is so small). We had to write a blog on “A Gift Overdue “after sending thank you notes and getting replies from them. This activity made me realized that every person who were connected to us had an impact on our lives. When I started thinking about those persons who always impacted me with their positive energy, always helped me without saying a single word and they did that without getting anything back from me. I never felt that before to thank them for all their efforts, they made for me. Thanks to AMAL who introduced me to the concept of showing gratitude to friends, family, interviewer after the interview, the security guard of your colony and The DHABAY waly uncle, who made KARK CHAYE for us.

Thank You Note.

The lesson I learnt from throughout the fellowship is:

“Make every minute a revenue generating minute!”

I’m thankful to Samia Dilber who told me about AMAL Career fellowship, and I’m grateful to Sir Noor Alam and Ma’am Fizza for all their Efforts and hard work to make the session interesting and joyful for us. So, to conclude my Journey I would say that The Amal Values played a vital role in my growth at AMAL ACADEMY and showing gratitude towards others made me realize the influence of people on my life.



Rimsha Naveed

Computer Student, In the journey of Self Development.